Senin, 19 September 2011

Happy birthday to My mom, 18 September

Happy birthday mom, daughter prayed that my mother is always there on the protection of God, well as given long life and health care. Spoken word of gratitude to my beloved mother had raised me with great affection. I really love you, mom.

At the age of 39 years, I pray that career mothers is increasing. God provides an easy way to get a fortune.

Mom was very young to have children the same age me, because my  mother is married at the age of 20 years while my father at the age of 28 years. So, my mother went back to school time already had children. My mothers is great. Housewives and career women. I want to be like My mothers.

Success is always for my mother ...
 I want to make you proud
I love you so much....

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